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[Som] Discussion moving closer home

NOW meri_awaaz also heard at webpages of many offenders.

Understandably people do not find it palatable to join this discussion group/blog and would rather prefer discussion itself moving closer home to actual webpages of offenders. Please get ready for the move and have Google sidewiki and 'bookmarking' plug-ins configured in your browsers. Here is the tabular list of some of the bookmark entries found.

  1. Whistleblower Blog  
  2. Ripoff at CIC and IIMA  
  3. Prof. B H Jajoo  
  4. Prof. S K Barua  
  5. Prof. T P Rama Rao  
  6. Prof. G Raghuram  
  7. Main webpages of IIM Ahmedabad  
  8. Dr. Vijaypat Singhania  
  9. Mr. Ashank Desai  
  10. Mr. Sunil Mittal  
  11. Mr. Noel Tata   
  12. Mr. N C Vasudevan  
  13. Mr. M B Lal     
  14. Prof. S S Mantha  
  15. Dr. P K Ghosh   
  16. Ms. Rama Bijapurkar  
  17. Dr. Amrita Patel  
  18. Mr. M S Banga   
  19. Mr. Hasit Joshipura  
  20. Mr. Kewal Handa  
  21. Mr. Chintan Parikh  
  22. Mr. Sanjay Lalbhai  

'sue me if you can' attitude of offenders and stress that it causes on whistleblowers with limited resources force them to go offbeat. Beauty of bookmarking tools (Sidewiki, stumbledupon, delicious, etc) is that they help people express their voice of dissent.


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Meri Awaaz Bookmarks: Mr Ashank Desai, a ripoff on ethics

Meri Awaaz Bookmarks: Mr Ashank Desai, a ripoff on ethics:

Mr Ashank Desai is Founder of Mastek Ltd and a respectable name. This person has also been ( a member of Board of Governors (BoG) at IIM Ahmedabad. Together these people are responsible for ( Conflicts of interest, Prejudiced administration and Non-existant vigilance at IIM, Ahmedabad. Some of these BoG members were careless NOT to attend board meetings or its agenda. Were such people a drain on public exchequer wasting their position on BoG and compromising public welfare thereby?

This entry is no reflection on professional competence of this person. Rather it is only limited to ethical dimensions.

Funded by taxpayer money and student fees, here ( is a rip-off report in relation to IIM Ahmedabad.

To be specific, here is the small list of ripoffs by this person,
---> Together with other BoG members, this person also conspired to authorize/ condone abuses of office when Secretary to BoG sought and received undue favors (ref - from judiciary (a Central Information Commissioner). The issue was disclosure of BoG minutes.
---> This person also helped foist a prejudiced person as Dean and Chief Vigilance Officer of IIMA. Here ( is the document addressed to THIS person. Document has remained un-attended. May be too busy.

The blog also claims that these issues have remained unresolved inspite of the best efforts of whistleblower employees. Instead, BoG authorized ‘target practice’ by IIMA officials on whistleblowers. This is serious breach of trust when this person was charged as people’s representative on IIMA BoG.

Actions of Mr Ashank Desai have compromised lives of several families. Please report HERE other abuses of office by this person. Take care.

*** Do NOT let your allegiance obfuscate your reply/ vote on this comment/ bookmark. | सत्यमेव जयते | Truth is GOD. ***

People concerned with probity in public life are encouraged to opine or share their own experience using popular bookmarking and social networking websites (like Sidewiki, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Redit, facebook, twitter, Google+, etc). Above opinion is expressed at following URLs associated with the subject :

Meri Awaaz Bookmarks: “Brown Sahibs” **OR** “Macaulay's children”

Meri Awaaz Bookmarks: “Brown Sahibs” **OR** “Macaulay's children”:

List of 'First Class Oligarchs' of IIM Ahmedabad. ‘Second Class’ being faculty council ( Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859) famously defined the term as, “a class of person, Indian in blood and color, but Colonial in taste, opinion, words and intellect”.

For details move to

Many of these people have been on board for decades. Such may be considered as part of the malice afflicting IIM Ahmedabad. They have cultivated vested interest in sustaining malice and would be loath against change in status quo.

*** Do NOT let your allegiance obfuscate your reply/ vote on this comment/ bookmark. | सत्यमेव जयते | Truth is GOD. ***

People concerned with probity in public life are encouraged to opine or share their own experience using popular bookmarking and social networking websites (like Sidewiki, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Redit, facebook, twitter, Google+, etc). Above opinion is expressed at following URLs associated with the subject :

Friday, August 19, 2011

[Som] IIM-A students organize a candle-light procession in support of Anna Ha...

This post is aimed to showcase duplicity in superficial conduct of IIM Ahmedabad community who organized a candle-light procession in support of Anna – Jan Lokpal.  Once again wannabe Corporate Babudom cared not to miss an important photo-op to be seen on right side of right-wrong divide. After all such opportunities come but infrequently.

Do these young people really care for honesty and accountability? Look here how Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of IIM Ahmedabad permitted plunder (HARD cash corruption) of nearly a crore rupees. CVO is loath against recovering loss to the institute. And students would care the least to hold him accountable for plunder from fees chest. Had these LTC scam money (and there are other scams too) been saved, increase in student fees could have been avoided. Would someone believe that the same CVO (on 19/11/2010) also participated in student organized candle light vigil in memory of Manjunath? And that he even took pledge against corruption in the presence of students.
Above is the whistle blower email on electronic noticeboard (ALLNB) of IIM Ahmedabad. Whistleblower on the same noticeboard also claimed absolute NIL response from faculty and students. Silence of elite faculty and students when confronted with corruption in their own backyard speak volume about their inner core value systems, their duplicity, their superficial vigils.

Arm chair intellectuals are always comfortable working with LARGER systems. Larger the better. After all, IIMA is too small and inconvenient a CANVAS for crème de la crème! And then, having made big investments (fees), there are pressing issues like research/academic pursuits, promotions, grades, conferences, placements, awards... Candle light vigils are better means to console and pamper one's conscience. 

In corporate-babudom, successful babus are those who follow the mantra - stay close to the line  dividing good-evil, moral-immoral. Sneak in to evil side to gulp down crumbs with generous helpings of moral preaching's (smokescreen). Sh*t in to brother's account. And immediately hurry back to be seen on right side of right-wrong divide. Rarely does a 'Ramalinga Raju' or 'Rajat Gupta' gets caught with bloody hands.

When a constable pays to get favorable posting, it is but natural that some stack-holder needs to payback. But here the student stack-holder is agnostic and willing to pay higher fees as long as the deal leaves him with ample on field opportunities. Bear it for 2 years. Get the 'seal' of 
approval stamped on your persona (Idiot istyle!) and push-off.

If these candle light vigils are not duplicity and superficial, what they are? QED.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

[Som] Brown Sahibs (“Macaulay's children”) of IIM Ahmedabad

Here are whistleblower emails on electronic discussion forums of IIM Ahmedabad. For management these were documents "couched in satire". So what? A thought leader would still have picked up the red flag. Messages trace deep malice within faculty dominated administration and resultant frustration within lower ranks.
Above is the communication to Dr. Singhania (Chair, BoG). This message also on electronic notice board of IIMA highlights the predominant faculty mindset at the institute. YES, this indeed is the predominant mindset with exceptions in minority. Faculty members have organized themselves in to a communal force with there being absolute NIL avenues for victim's grievance redressal against faculty abuses. YES, each and every IIMA faculty is a part of this commune. NONE of these bugs would undo deliberate wrongs committed by one amongst them. 

So many of these people are sucked in sleaze and greed. Sulking or relishing actually depends on individual upbringing but silent spectators nonetheless.

Above was the communication that let loose alarmed faculty power-grids basking in arrogance of discretionary powers as "भाग्य विधाता" of lower ranks. These are the Brown Sahibs ("Macaulay's children") of IIM Ahmedabad. Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859) famously defined the term as, "Bhagya Vidhata of laity", "a class of person, Indian in blood and color, but Colonial in taste, opinion, words and intellect". 

Though the whistle blower had delivered signed copy to Director on 01-Jul-2008 for onward dispatch through proper channel to Dr. Singhania, Prof Barua sat on the letter till 25-Jun-2009 (~12 months) when he was FORCED to forward the same on receipt of hearing notice from CIC. Here are the two related petitions (on status of grievance redressal system) available on Government of India website. (pg-5,6)

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Friday, August 5, 2011

[Som] Mr. Bhatt’s rejoinders to Prof. Barua, Director IIMA

This is in continuation of earlier post at

And the Director was beating around the wrong bush! Here is the first rejoinder email where Mr. Bhatt laments that "an employee's call to his OWN Director had to be routed all the way through Lucknow".

100915 Ketan 2 BoG

Here is the other rejoinder email from Mr. Bhatt.

100916 Ketan 2 BoG (Download .pdf to follow hyperlinks in scribd doc)

These leaked documents are alarming commentary on state of debased polity at IIM Ahmedabad. As elsewhere, rot spreads deeper and wider when anchored among top hierarchies of an organization. Director Prof Barua indulged in misplaced argumentum ad personam.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

[Som] We are world-class because we say so!

IIT/IIM faculty: To call world-class or not to call world-class, that is the question
Reproduced below is a thought provoking article by Apurv Pandit on "IIT/IIM being world-class" debate.
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The vitriolic public reaction to Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh's seemingly innocuous comment that "The faculty in Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is not world-class. It is the students in IITs who are world-class. The IITs and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are excellent because of the quality of students and not because of quality of research or faculty," largely smells of hurt egos and cognitive dissonance.

The Indian middle class, which has been the biggest beneficiary of globalization, is finding it hard to digest an insinuation against colleges that made it possible for their offspring to high jump to the economic upper class by bringing multinational and international jobs within reach. Middle class aspirations which were previously aimed at government and bank jobs, found higher calling in the emerging and better-paying private sector jobs. Suddenly, it was not necessary to have an uncle's 'reference' in order to get a good job; success lay an individual meritorious effort away. An IIT or IIM education became the new status symbol. No wonder, everyone wants to believe that the IITs and IIMs are world-class and have world-class faculty, regardless of whether that is true or not.

There is also a copious proportion of "how dare the pot call the kettle black" sentiment in the tweets, retweets and adrenaline flow that Ramesh's comment has sparked off. Reacting to the minister, commodity literature author and IIT Delhi/IIM Ahmedabad alumnus Chetan Bhagat tweeted, "Before Jairam Ramesh talks about IIT/IIM faculty being world-class, he should comment if our politicians are world-class."

Alumni and faculty associations of the IITs grabbed the opportunity to demand higher research grants and fewer teaching hours for IIT faculty and similar noises were made by IIM alumni too. Their submissions were fair: how can quality research happen with government interference, faculty shortage, lack of funds and the overload of teaching responsibilities compounded by increasing batch sizes at these colleges.

Some IIM alumni also argued that because they had had a very insightful learning experience under a highly approachable set of professors, they indeed must be a big deal on the world stage. This specious argument lacks credibility as it purports good personal experiences as evidence of passing the benchmarks of what actually defines world class faculty. Is it that the faculty at other good b-schools is un-insightful and unapproachable? Professors regarded as 'Gods' in a certain management area may be leading academics in the Indian context, but have remained insignificant in the global top echelons of management thought leadership.

And if you think about it, the ambiguity about what qualifies as 'world-class' whets up rhetoric (much to the enjoyment of those like me who like to watch the fun from the sidelines) and prevents such debates from reaching meaningful conclusions. Having lived in an economy which had shut the doors to the rest of the world for the majority of the country's independent years, it is worthwhile to consider that as Indians we may have little clue about what is regarded as 'world-class' in a modern global context where higher education systems flourished much before they did in India (I am not going into romantic discussions built around the ancient universities of India here as that phase of history is irrelevant now). In India, academic excellence has largely begun and ended with great teaching ability whereas the rest of the developing and developed world considers cutting-edge research as the principal parameter of academic excellence, and teaching excellence is considered to be a given.

Examining some numbers might also help.

According to annual figures published by Batelle – R&D Magazine, India lags substantially behind China in its annual R&D spend. India's Gross Domestic Expenditure on Research and Development (GERD) after factoring Purchasing Power Parity was US$ 28.1 billions in 2009, which increased to US$ 33.3 billions in 2010. In comparison, China spent more than four times that of us at US$ 123.7 billions in 2009 and US$ 141.4 billions in 2010 on R&D.

The UNESCO Institute of Statistics reports that between 2000 and 2004, India had a research manpower count of 119 researchers per million people compared to China's 708 and USA's 4,605 per million people.

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University's (SJTU) Institute of Higher Education which conducts the annual 'Academic Ranking of World Universities' using empirical data from science and social science research citation indexes as its sources ranks Bangalore's Indian Institute of Science in the 300-400 range and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in the 400-500 range. No other Indian institutes, whether the IITs or IIMs, feature in its top 500.

Teaching pressure has only recently increased in the IITs and IIMs, after the government implemented caste quotas and forced the institutes to more than double their annual intakes in their flagship programs of study. The faculty numbers, however, have not increased proportionately at least in the older IIMs. The 'teaching overload' pet-peeve brandished by IIM faculty did not exist before the middle of the 2000s, when batch sizes were smaller and the faculty strength was only 70-80% of what it is now. Nor were the IIMs running one-year executive programs then. How did the faculty perform in terms of research then?

I wrote about a study on research contribution to the most competitive journals from Indian b-schools in an article earlier this month. According to the study, the IIMs had shown dismal performance in contributing top-tier research between 1991 and 2009 and while there were some promising signs of late, in the aggregate the Indian Statistical Institutes at Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore and the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad had beaten the IIMs hands down in contribution of top-quality research. The argument that teaching overload prevents faculty from high-quality research is highly suspicious because there were never any glory days of research at these institutes when the teaching pressure was easier.

This does not mean that the IIM faculty has been sitting idle when it was not teaching. Many have been publishing their research in not-so-competitive peer-reviewed or non-refereed journals, while some others have been involved in sparking off rural innovation initiatives (such as the Honey Bee Network from IIM Ahmedabad) or advising the government sitting on policy panels. Some have also co-authored Asian editions of management textbooks. While such initiatives do make the faculty local heroes, they do not make a compelling case for IIM faculty to call themselves at par with the best in the world.

As of today, all the six older IIMs put together produce just one or two top-tier research papers every year, compared to the HKUST School of Business, Hong Kong which singlehandedly produces 30 in one year, or schools like Wharton or MIT-Sloan which produce around 80 per year. On the world stage, the research contribution of the IIMs is negligible.

Cutting-edge research — studies that are at the absolute forefront of human discovery and have long-lasting influence on society have rarely happened at the IIMs. No IIM professor has ever come within meaningful distance of being nominated for a Nobel Prize, though a couple of names from the IITs and government universities have flown around in the Nobel nominee backchannels in the past. Many ethnically Indian professors have appeared in various lists of the world's top thinkers (the late CK Prahalad of University of Michigan, Vijay Govindrajan of Dartmouth, Bala V Balachandran of Kellogg), but none belong to the IITs or IIMs. In their 50-odd years of existence, the IIMs have failed to produce a single thought-leader in the international arena.

According to academicians who watch the research landscape closely, most faculty at the IIMs neither aspire to conduct cutting-edge research, nor do they possess the necessary skills even if they wanted to. Who should one blame? Most academicians blame the previously low-quality training of the FPM programmes at the IIMs. "Not only have the IIMs produced insufficient PhDs, most of them do not possess the quantitative skills required to produce compelling research that can pass the most rigorous peer-review processes known to the world," says a professor who taught at IIM Ahmedabad in the first six years of its existence.

If there is a genuine grouse that IIT or IIM faculty may credibly have, it is the lack of adequate research funding or competitive salaries at these institutes. While undergraduate or post-graduate programs, executive training and consultancy are money-making ventures for b-schools, research is entirely a cost center. Research requires money for the scholar to travel, commission surveys, buy data or engage paid associates or assistants.

There are various avenues that the IITs and IIMs can arrange funds from. Student fees comes to mind as a natural source of funds, but given the hue-and-cry surrounding 'return-on-investment' of placement salaries against fees, it is unlikely that the IIMs can look forward to students funding their research aspirations anytime soon.

Top b-schools worldwide enjoy abundant donations from their alumni. In 2010, MBA alumni of Chicago-Booth, Harvard and Columbia gifted in excess of $10 million each to their alma maters' funds. The business schools of both Harvard and Stanford now boast of endowments of more than US$ 1 billion. With that kind of cash, the schools better be involved in cutting-edge influence on the world. Such kind of alumni giving-back or fundraising is unheard of at the IIMs. It is worthwhile to consider why the wealthy lot among IIM graduates do not give back to their schools in such copious amounts. The IITs however do boast about sporadic instances of multi-crore gifts from their alumni.

Which leaves the IIMs and IITs mostly dependent on the government for research grants, such as the Rs 20 crore one given to IIM Calcutta in the 2011 Union Budget. No doubt India should increase its spending on research and development and foster indigenous intellectual property. So should the IIMs and IITs divert more funds towards churning out a larger number of PhDs. But can these institutes sustainably grow to become world-class centers of research excellence on taxpayer money alone?

It is ironic that the same IIT/IIM alumni who have been spewing defensive venom on Jairam Ramesh's comments have been loath to enabling their alma maters in becoming world-class research institutes. How many of these IIM alumni would have joined and not decried their institutes had the fees been Rs 30 lakhs instead of Rs 13 lakh? Forget crores, how many lakh rupees are the IIMs getting from their alumni this year?

"It's a tough job and someone's got to do it. Not me, of course. But someone, definitely."

Jairam Ramesh's comment is at least half true. With a super-difficult entry barrier in the Common Admissions Test (CAT), the IIMs have been successful at aggregating some superhigh-IQ youngsters at one place which the corporates get convenient access to for hiring. In the two years of the MBA, the IIMs may also teach a thing or two about management to these bright minds, albeit using second-hand material not generated by the native faculty, but by the professors at the Whartons and the Harvards. Now imagine what the results would be like if the same set of super-able students were instead taught by Harvard or Wharton faculty using cutting-edge and first-hand knowledge. That may help you assess the substance in Jairam Ramesh's comment.

Jairam Ramesh might have had ulterior political motives in making provocative comments that fire up TV news and Twitter. But as a good side-effect, sections of our society have started to question the media-created hype around the so-called 'world-class intellectual capital' of the IITs and IIMs. For it is only when we acknowledge the existence of problems, can we begin to think about finding solutions to them.
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

[Som] Key Paisa Bolta Hai – Part-1 (LTC)

Annother rip-off report. This one on groundswell of hard corruption. IIM Ahmedabad has been dolling out huge amount of funds to placate greed of its senior officials who in-turn may have kept power-grids well oiled. Leaked documents also include 'General Ledger (LTC)" listing transaction-ids, exact amounts plundered, beneficiary names and dates.

Here is the text of ripoff report  For instant reference leaked documents are ALSO available at

Beneficiaries of big value air tickets did not make mandatory declaration regarding their claim being only limited to 'air travel component' of ticket. Moreover vigilance department refuses to inquire if there were any kick-backs. Nonchalant CVO keeps busy 'beating around the bush' and haunt those who challenge status-quo.

Director and CVO of IIM Ahmedabad, through their actions have endangered fundamental rights of IIMA 'whistleblower' employees to fair and equitable employment. However faculty members of 'so called faculty governed' institute would care the least. Faculty members write case studies on whole world except IIMA. Writing on IIMA is taboo, blasphemy. As Mr. Bhatt once wrote, elite class at IIMA has organized itself as a "commune". Case of a sinister "SAUDA", unwritten rule, among elites –viz- none would question/ undo deliberate wrongs committed by one of them. As they say, "IIM JAYE BHAD MA".

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

LTC froud - I am agreed to many rip of report

             I work with iim. I also hear new bad report about ltc froud . go to internet linkage

     All report taly with realiti. But I use different  language. correct to say Ketanbhai ane Jitubhai is harased.  common management style to  avoide all who tel truth.  to day Faculty and staff did not respect each other. Many faculty  very good and help me personaly but some faculty insult all staff just like that. become chairman to drink malai. Lot off corruption  .They give money and take cag oditors to hotels. Ketanbhai fighting for many years alone . he has so many RTI but did not get information because of dirty management. W-5 forced  joshi to give wrong informetion. ketan also write many fight  emails to IIM  allnb noticeboards . faculty no care biasd. Student very bizy and wory about grades   staff afraid to support ketan because  of fear. Life is very very good 30 years ago when good relation with faculty and staff.

               Bardhan from comunist party   father of barua-saheb wife   he do lot traveling and dean  run the institute   media know everything. accounts staf also know everything but do not talk . many offiser malai khau and chatu . give mony to court also  so if ketabhai go to court no judgement will come befor his deth
                  ketanbhai is fighting for everybody  Many people will agreed with thet rip of reports. Best luck to ketan   jitubhai is also a fighter . He send many rti so Jajoo saheb not happy and remove him from computer

         I send data about big froud to  give freee ltc mony to officers .  but they stop food loan to punes and swipers . Pillai give me only 40 rs for schol fee.  many acount files give list of many frouds of w5 and profesors  . ketanbhai and Jitubhai write many many letter after which pillai change rule to  stop ltc froud  But befor that people make froud of crors rupees .  mony come from student fee.

      if  cbi come they will find many many froud. faculty malai khau   offisers chatu bhagat  and student wory only   plasement selery .  IIM JAYE BHAD MA    .Jay ambe

Friday, April 22, 2011

[Som] Prof. Barua, Director IIMA, “Beating Around the Bush”

Leaked document also include response of Director IIM Ahmedabad to Mr. Amitabh.
100915 Director 2 Amitabh
For some reasons, instead of correcting erroneous practices in his office, Director began to boost his elite credentials and other issues totally irrelevant to subject matter raised by Mr. Bhatt and Mr. Amitabh. This when there exist serious vigilance ( and governance ( issues. Director of IIM Ahmedabad (alumnus of IITK and IIMA) is "Beating Around the Bush"!

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

[Som] BoG inaction and email from Mr. Amitabh Thakur

It appears that for some reason even Board of Governors IIMA did not care to attend to substantive issues raised by Mr. Bhatt through his email of 04-Aug-2010.

With there also being issues affecting general public at large, Mr. Amitabh preferred to approach BoG for remedial measures on issues of immediate concern. Here is the leaked document wherein Mr. Amitabh requested for proper documentation of files received in to Directors office,
100914 Amitabh 2 BoG
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Discussion on HARD corruption

Keep watching this space for discussion on HARD corruption.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Re: Corporate Babudom is always in search of 'green fields'

In such case why not to appoint Hasan Ali as a Director of B-School , he has multiplied his personal wealth 100 times within a span of 6 years.

&what are the credentials of Adi Godrej , he was supporting Milind Deora's candidature in last Parliament Election who is just Good for nothing I think all these positions are auctioned

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 10:58 PM, My Voice of Dissent <> wrote:
Flash news, Adi Godrej tipped to replace Rajat Gupta at ISB,

Corporate Babudom is always in search of 'green fields'

Flash news, Adi Godrej tipped to replace Rajat Gupta at ISB,

Another interesting read in this context is,

At this stage it would be appropriate to quote a para from rip-off report at
...In corporate-babudom, successful babus are those who manage to skillfully trade closure to the fine line of divide between good-evil, moral-immoral. Mantra - stay close to the divide line. Sneak in to evil side to gulp down crumbs with generous helpings of moral preaching's (smokescreen). And immediately hurry back to sh*t in brother's account. Rarely does a 'Ramalinga Raju' or 'Rajat Gupta' gets caught with bloody hands. Student constable is agnostic and willing to pay higher fees as long as the deal leaves him with ample on field opportunities. Bear it for 2 years. Get the 'seal' of approval stamped on your persona (Idiot istyle!) and push-off....

'Green fields' are tempting!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Call for protest to discrimination's and violations of Civil Rights Act

For the sack of repetition, this is blog is an attempt to help people express their voice of dissent to transgressions in morals, ethics and value system at CIC New Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad. This blog narrates, along with documentary evidences, discrimination and violations of Civil Rights Act by these two institutions of eminence.

Please subscribe by email or RSS feeds or follow this blog on

Friday, March 18, 2011

Re: Sticky : Introduction

Seen ripoff reports and blog. Disgusting to learn about such state of affairs at country's best b-school.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Som] Conflicts of interest, Prejudiced administration and Non-existent vigil...

Through their actions (& in-actions) senior officials at IIMA appear to have compounded conflicts of interest in body polity of the institute. Here is the leaked communication that Mr. Bhatt sent to IIMA Board of Governors prompting it to bridge 'governance deficit'.
100804 Ketan 2 BoG

Contents are self explanatory. As is evident, violations amount to violation of fundamental rights and human rights by Prof. Barua, Prof. Jajoo and other senior officials. But WIMWIANs are agnostic. Compare current state affairs with that during Sarabhai-Mathai days.

Whistleblowers claim that Director and BoG have remained unresponsive.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

[Som] Letter to Director - “review of CVO appointment”

As is apparent from previous post, Prof. Jajoo, CVO of IIMA is alleged to be a prejudiced person inimical to Mr. Bhatt. CVO appears to be committed NOT to inquire in to allegation of corruption against Mr. Bhatt. Here is the leaked letter that Mr. Bhatt wrote to Prof. Barua, Director IIMA requesting "administrative review of CVO appointment".
5 100803 Ketan 2 Director

It is well known that files related to charge-sheet against current CVC Mr. P. J. Thomas were not put up to high powered committee which decided on appointment of CVC. Ditto, at IIMA, it appears that files related to complaints by IIM Computer Center Staff against Prof. Jajoo went missing when Director decided on Prof. Jajoo as new CVO.

Also read the last page of above document. It alleges that Prof. Barua instructed his office staff NOT to receive letters from Mr. Bhatt. Here is the leaked audio MP3 conversation that Mr. Bhatt had with staff in Director's office.

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[Som] MUST-READ---> letter to CVO of IIM Ahmedabad

Here is the leaked letter that Mr. Bhatt wrote to his CVO, Prof. Jajoo. This is a MUST-READ document.
4 100709 Ketan 2 CVO

It is awkward that CVO of IIMA expects an employee (outside vigilance department) to gather and furnish evidence related to some vigilance complaint that CVO received. This document raises lot many questions related to non-existent vigilance and prejudiced CVO at top management school. Reason why student fees keep rising.

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[Som] Allegations of corruption at IIM Ahmedabad

Here is the leaked document related to allegation of corruption at IIMA,
Allegations Against Mr Bhatt

As is apparent, and as alleged in ripoff report, even after these allegations, Mr. Bhatt continues to be in employment with IIM Ahmedabad. In retrospect it appears that these allegations were result of Mr. Bhatt asking for sensitive information including those related to appointment of Dean at IIMA.

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[Som] Appeal to the Whole Commission (CIC)

Here is the appeal from Mr. Bhatt to all of the commissioners at CIC. This appeal is dated 25-Nov-2009 and alleges serious transgressions to senior officials at Central Information Commission. However, as per the ripoff report, none of the commissioners have cared to respond. Reasons for non-responsive CIC become apparent from "Grounds for prayer" in following leaked document,
0 Appeal to the Whole Commission

Moreover, inordinate delay is alleged for deciding following appeals/complaints from Mr. Bhatt
Current Status of Petitions by Mr. Bhatt

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

[Som] Rejection of review petition

Sorry, forgot to append letter from CIC which rejected review petition due to so called "CIC Management Regulations".

It appears that the review petition sent the office of IC Shailesh Gandhi in to hyper active mode. On 26-Oct-2009, within just 12 days of 14-Oct-2009 review petition, it decided not to permit review petition. Here is the CIC decision taken by an authority who could have possibly acted ultra-vires,
3 Appl-1 091026 CIC 2 Ketan

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Som] Review petition and its rejection

Chronology according to leaked documents and rip-off report,
  • 19-Jan-2009, first set of four petitions filed with CIC. Director immediately embarks on a search mission to find as to who at CIC will decide on these petitions,
  • 04-Apr-2009 Director extends formal invite to Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi, who readily accepts such a tainted invite,
  • 08-Apr-2009 Hon. IC hears and pronounces 4 infirm decisions,
  • 19-May-2009 CIC adopts "CodeOfEthics" in a meeting attended by Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi himself,
  • 30/31-May-2009, Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi stays on IIMA campus to receive hospitality from respondents even while as many as 9 cases are still pending with him. Mr. Bhatt was refused permission to attend discourses of Mr. Gandhi while management of IIMA remained present.
  • 08-Jun-2009 immediately after returning from IIMA, Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi schedules hearing of 4 more cases related to IIMA,
  • 07-Jul-2009 Hon. IC Mr. hears and pronounces 2 infirm decisions and adjourns 2 cases to suit convenience of IIM Ahmedabad (excerpts from this hearing were subject of previous post),

It appears that these events indicating "Malfeasance in office" by IC Shailesh Gandhi prompted Mr. Bhatt to file a review petition on 14-Oct-2009. Here it is (as leaked on Indianleaks),
2a RC-UG-09-10536b5bz

I also found the same on CIC website at

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[Som] Fake hearing by Shailesh Gandhi

Here is the audio of alleged "fake hearing". This audio was leaked (at indianleaks).

This is how a citizen was robbed of his right to equality before law. This hearing allegedly took place few weeks after Director of IIMA hosted Shailesh Gandhi. In his complaint to CIC Mr. Bhatt alleged that he was denied chance to attend discourses of IC Shailesh Gandhi while management of IIMA remained present. In the tape Shailesh Gandhi is heard extending favors (as alleged in ripoff report) to Secretary of IIM Board of Gov. Since then CIC decision on MoM declaration is awaited.

Do all Babus influence judiciary like this? Is this how other commissioners at CIC conduct themselves?

Send protest emails to these people. Email addresses of commissioners and members of IIMA BoG are available in leaked documents,
"0 Appeal to the Whole Commission.pdf"
"100916 Ketan 2 BoG.pdf"

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Please spread word

It is well taken that there are 'n' number of groups/websites discussing larger issues of RTI, corruption and probity in public life.

THIS ONE is a novel attempt in the sense that it advances the same cause with narrow focus on issues at just TWO organizations –viz- CIC New Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad. Please spread word through your email/group/media/etc.

Request all well wishers to help promote THIS through whichever way. And do get back with your suggestions. Please.


Re: Sticky : Introduction

First time visitors are requested to ATLEAST read through two small ripoff reports listed in this "Sticky : Introduction". For convenience of those who prefer suave interface, reciprocal blog is located at


Saturday, February 12, 2011

[Som] Dirty Documents on visit of IC Shailesh Gandhi

Thanks for evite and initiative to start this group blog. Yes it works. There is some anonymity. I realize that my message to group is archived in the form of a blog also. Please delete the test msg sent earlier.

I have seeen the ripoff report and indian leak. Leaked documents are shocking.  I will be populating this group with many other such documents. Here one document reveals lowly conduct by top officials from CIC New Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad.
1 PIO on IC Visit

Very serious. Anybody concerned? Then write to these officials giving link to this post. Email addresses of these people are there in the pdf file above. I am also sending my evite to friends activists. Best.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

More about and is a very strong medium to register your protest. All reports filed on this site are well classified and promoted through civil societies internationally. Please have a look at following links,

Ed Magedson - Ripoff Report Founder
Want to sue Ripoff Report?
Why Ripoff Report will not release author information?

Alternately, people may choose to use straight forward and anonymous interface of

Active role played by public will help filing class action suit later on.

  • Request all victims to file their own ripoff (or indianleaks) report related to their experiences with CIC New Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad, or for that matter any other offending institution.
  • Request employees/students of both these organizations also to file their own reports.
  • Whatever, please promote your own reports and leaks by posting links (here in THIS Group) to your complaint.
  • Please also promote THIS Group through your own website, blog, group, twit, whatever.
For the sack of convenience, posts on this blog are categorizes as Must-Read, DocsOfShame-IIM, DocsOfShame-CIC, etc.
Once again, do come back announce your own ripoff/indianleaks reports on this Google Group for benefit of other viewers. Ofcourse we would also love to hear your feedback on this Google Group. Cheers.