Sunday, August 14, 2011

[Som] Brown Sahibs (“Macaulay's children”) of IIM Ahmedabad

Here are whistleblower emails on electronic discussion forums of IIM Ahmedabad. For management these were documents "couched in satire". So what? A thought leader would still have picked up the red flag. Messages trace deep malice within faculty dominated administration and resultant frustration within lower ranks.
Above is the communication to Dr. Singhania (Chair, BoG). This message also on electronic notice board of IIMA highlights the predominant faculty mindset at the institute. YES, this indeed is the predominant mindset with exceptions in minority. Faculty members have organized themselves in to a communal force with there being absolute NIL avenues for victim's grievance redressal against faculty abuses. YES, each and every IIMA faculty is a part of this commune. NONE of these bugs would undo deliberate wrongs committed by one amongst them. 

So many of these people are sucked in sleaze and greed. Sulking or relishing actually depends on individual upbringing but silent spectators nonetheless.

Above was the communication that let loose alarmed faculty power-grids basking in arrogance of discretionary powers as "भाग्य विधाता" of lower ranks. These are the Brown Sahibs ("Macaulay's children") of IIM Ahmedabad. Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859) famously defined the term as, "Bhagya Vidhata of laity", "a class of person, Indian in blood and color, but Colonial in taste, opinion, words and intellect". 

Though the whistle blower had delivered signed copy to Director on 01-Jul-2008 for onward dispatch through proper channel to Dr. Singhania, Prof Barua sat on the letter till 25-Jun-2009 (~12 months) when he was FORCED to forward the same on receipt of hearing notice from CIC. Here are the two related petitions (on status of grievance redressal system) available on Government of India website. (pg-5,6)

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