Saturday, April 23, 2011

LTC froud - I am agreed to many rip of report

             I work with iim. I also hear new bad report about ltc froud . go to internet linkage

     All report taly with realiti. But I use different  language. correct to say Ketanbhai ane Jitubhai is harased.  common management style to  avoide all who tel truth.  to day Faculty and staff did not respect each other. Many faculty  very good and help me personaly but some faculty insult all staff just like that. become chairman to drink malai. Lot off corruption  .They give money and take cag oditors to hotels. Ketanbhai fighting for many years alone . he has so many RTI but did not get information because of dirty management. W-5 forced  joshi to give wrong informetion. ketan also write many fight  emails to IIM  allnb noticeboards . faculty no care biasd. Student very bizy and wory about grades   staff afraid to support ketan because  of fear. Life is very very good 30 years ago when good relation with faculty and staff.

               Bardhan from comunist party   father of barua-saheb wife   he do lot traveling and dean  run the institute   media know everything. accounts staf also know everything but do not talk . many offiser malai khau and chatu . give mony to court also  so if ketabhai go to court no judgement will come befor his deth
                  ketanbhai is fighting for everybody  Many people will agreed with thet rip of reports. Best luck to ketan   jitubhai is also a fighter . He send many rti so Jajoo saheb not happy and remove him from computer

         I send data about big froud to  give freee ltc mony to officers .  but they stop food loan to punes and swipers . Pillai give me only 40 rs for schol fee.  many acount files give list of many frouds of w5 and profesors  . ketanbhai and Jitubhai write many many letter after which pillai change rule to  stop ltc froud  But befor that people make froud of crors rupees .  mony come from student fee.

      if  cbi come they will find many many froud. faculty malai khau   offisers chatu bhagat  and student wory only   plasement selery .  IIM JAYE BHAD MA    .Jay ambe

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