Friday, August 5, 2011

[Som] Mr. Bhatt’s rejoinders to Prof. Barua, Director IIMA

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And the Director was beating around the wrong bush! Here is the first rejoinder email where Mr. Bhatt laments that "an employee's call to his OWN Director had to be routed all the way through Lucknow".

100915 Ketan 2 BoG

Here is the other rejoinder email from Mr. Bhatt.

100916 Ketan 2 BoG (Download .pdf to follow hyperlinks in scribd doc)

These leaked documents are alarming commentary on state of debased polity at IIM Ahmedabad. As elsewhere, rot spreads deeper and wider when anchored among top hierarchies of an organization. Director Prof Barua indulged in misplaced argumentum ad personam.

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