Saturday, May 7, 2011

[Som] Key Paisa Bolta Hai – Part-1 (LTC)

Annother rip-off report. This one on groundswell of hard corruption. IIM Ahmedabad has been dolling out huge amount of funds to placate greed of its senior officials who in-turn may have kept power-grids well oiled. Leaked documents also include 'General Ledger (LTC)" listing transaction-ids, exact amounts plundered, beneficiary names and dates.

Here is the text of ripoff report  For instant reference leaked documents are ALSO available at

Beneficiaries of big value air tickets did not make mandatory declaration regarding their claim being only limited to 'air travel component' of ticket. Moreover vigilance department refuses to inquire if there were any kick-backs. Nonchalant CVO keeps busy 'beating around the bush' and haunt those who challenge status-quo.

Director and CVO of IIM Ahmedabad, through their actions have endangered fundamental rights of IIMA 'whistleblower' employees to fair and equitable employment. However faculty members of 'so called faculty governed' institute would care the least. Faculty members write case studies on whole world except IIMA. Writing on IIMA is taboo, blasphemy. As Mr. Bhatt once wrote, elite class at IIMA has organized itself as a "commune". Case of a sinister "SAUDA", unwritten rule, among elites –viz- none would question/ undo deliberate wrongs committed by one of them. As they say, "IIM JAYE BHAD MA".

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