Friday, August 19, 2011

[Som] IIM-A students organize a candle-light procession in support of Anna Ha...

This post is aimed to showcase duplicity in superficial conduct of IIM Ahmedabad community who organized a candle-light procession in support of Anna – Jan Lokpal.  Once again wannabe Corporate Babudom cared not to miss an important photo-op to be seen on right side of right-wrong divide. After all such opportunities come but infrequently.

Do these young people really care for honesty and accountability? Look here how Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of IIM Ahmedabad permitted plunder (HARD cash corruption) of nearly a crore rupees. CVO is loath against recovering loss to the institute. And students would care the least to hold him accountable for plunder from fees chest. Had these LTC scam money (and there are other scams too) been saved, increase in student fees could have been avoided. Would someone believe that the same CVO (on 19/11/2010) also participated in student organized candle light vigil in memory of Manjunath? And that he even took pledge against corruption in the presence of students.
Above is the whistle blower email on electronic noticeboard (ALLNB) of IIM Ahmedabad. Whistleblower on the same noticeboard also claimed absolute NIL response from faculty and students. Silence of elite faculty and students when confronted with corruption in their own backyard speak volume about their inner core value systems, their duplicity, their superficial vigils.

Arm chair intellectuals are always comfortable working with LARGER systems. Larger the better. After all, IIMA is too small and inconvenient a CANVAS for crème de la crème! And then, having made big investments (fees), there are pressing issues like research/academic pursuits, promotions, grades, conferences, placements, awards... Candle light vigils are better means to console and pamper one's conscience. 

In corporate-babudom, successful babus are those who follow the mantra - stay close to the line  dividing good-evil, moral-immoral. Sneak in to evil side to gulp down crumbs with generous helpings of moral preaching's (smokescreen). Sh*t in to brother's account. And immediately hurry back to be seen on right side of right-wrong divide. Rarely does a 'Ramalinga Raju' or 'Rajat Gupta' gets caught with bloody hands.

When a constable pays to get favorable posting, it is but natural that some stack-holder needs to payback. But here the student stack-holder is agnostic and willing to pay higher fees as long as the deal leaves him with ample on field opportunities. Bear it for 2 years. Get the 'seal' of 
approval stamped on your persona (Idiot istyle!) and push-off.

If these candle light vigils are not duplicity and superficial, what they are? QED.

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