Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Som] Review petition and its rejection

Chronology according to leaked documents and rip-off report,
  • 19-Jan-2009, first set of four petitions filed with CIC. Director immediately embarks on a search mission to find as to who at CIC will decide on these petitions,
  • 04-Apr-2009 Director extends formal invite to Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi, who readily accepts such a tainted invite,
  • 08-Apr-2009 Hon. IC hears and pronounces 4 infirm decisions,
  • 19-May-2009 CIC adopts "CodeOfEthics" in a meeting attended by Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi himself,
  • 30/31-May-2009, Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi stays on IIMA campus to receive hospitality from respondents even while as many as 9 cases are still pending with him. Mr. Bhatt was refused permission to attend discourses of Mr. Gandhi while management of IIMA remained present.
  • 08-Jun-2009 immediately after returning from IIMA, Hon. IC Mr. Gandhi schedules hearing of 4 more cases related to IIMA,
  • 07-Jul-2009 Hon. IC Mr. hears and pronounces 2 infirm decisions and adjourns 2 cases to suit convenience of IIM Ahmedabad (excerpts from this hearing were subject of previous post),

It appears that these events indicating "Malfeasance in office" by IC Shailesh Gandhi prompted Mr. Bhatt to file a review petition on 14-Oct-2009. Here it is (as leaked on Indianleaks),
2a RC-UG-09-10536b5bz

I also found the same on CIC website at

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