Monday, March 21, 2011

Corporate Babudom is always in search of 'green fields'

Flash news, Adi Godrej tipped to replace Rajat Gupta at ISB,

Another interesting read in this context is,

At this stage it would be appropriate to quote a para from rip-off report at
...In corporate-babudom, successful babus are those who manage to skillfully trade closure to the fine line of divide between good-evil, moral-immoral. Mantra - stay close to the divide line. Sneak in to evil side to gulp down crumbs with generous helpings of moral preaching's (smokescreen). And immediately hurry back to sh*t in brother's account. Rarely does a 'Ramalinga Raju' or 'Rajat Gupta' gets caught with bloody hands. Student constable is agnostic and willing to pay higher fees as long as the deal leaves him with ample on field opportunities. Bear it for 2 years. Get the 'seal' of approval stamped on your persona (Idiot istyle!) and push-off....

'Green fields' are tempting!